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When Joyce and Phil Wiley moved to New Salem in 2004, they discovered grapevines on their property. Although the vines hadn't been tended for several years, they produced many grapes. The Wileys learned the history of the grape vines from their neighbor, Fritz. Fritz loved wine and traveled extensively, often returning home with grape plants in his luggage to plant on his two-acre property. It wasn't long before Fritz convinced the Wileys to make wine from the old vines.

Quabbin Sky Vineyard is getting rave reviews about wine made from their own grapes as well as the wine they made from grapes grown in California and the Finger Lakes region.

In 2010, Quabbin Sky Vineyard became the first bonded farm winery in New Salem. The winery is named for its location near the Quabbin and the Wiley's Border Collie, Sky.

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