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It's all about the grapes! We do not add other juices or sugars to our wines. We prefer to let the grapes do what they naturally want to do—so when you taste our wines, you taste the natural flavors and characteristics of the grape. 




Our Pinot Noir is made from grapes that were grown in Lodi, California. Pinot Noir grapes originated in France. They are among the most ancient varieties of domesticated Vitis vinifera, the vine that makes the world’s most famous wine grapes. Our Pinot Noir is a beautiful red, medium-bodied wine. Taste is complex florals and fruit; and finish is dry with silky tannins.



Our Zinfandel wine is made from black-skinned grapes grown in California. Zinfandel grapes originated in Europe but found its way to the United States in the mid-19th century, pre-Civil War. Our Zin has a bright ruby color; wild blackberry aroma with a bramble finish. This fruit-forward wine is bold and delightfully unique!


Our Cabernet Sauvignon was grown in California. This full-bodied wine is ruby red, dense, dark, and tanic. Its notes are black cherry, blackcurrant, and black olive. Ages well.


Chambourcin is a French-American red hybrid grape, produced in 1963 by French biochemist, Joannes Seyve. This wine is light in color with balanced acidity and good fruit. Chambourcin wines are often served with dark chocolate, or desserts made from the chocolate, as the flavors of the wine and chocolate intermingle exceptionally well.



Frontenac is a French-American red hybrid grape produced by the University of Minnesota for cold hardiness. The wines produced from Frontenac typically present aromas of cherry and other red fruits. This wine has good body and concentration with a nice finish.



Vincent is a red hybrid grape created in Vineland, Canada in 1958 and released in 1967. Vincent is a fruity, full-bodied wine with flavors of blackberry, cherry, and cranberry.




Aurore, also known as Seibel 5279, is a white hybrid grape produced by Albert Seibel circa 1860. A cross of Seibel 788 and Seibel 29, Aurore is harvested and handpicked at Quabbin Sky Vineyard. This finely crafted estate wine is fragrant, bright, clean, and full-bodied with a nice finish.



Totmur is a French-American hybrid derived from Baco 45 A and Baco 1, and such, is of LaBrusca/riperia/vinifera ancestry. Totmur is harvested and hand-picked at Quabbin Sky Vineyard. It makes a soft buttery white wine with a nice finish.


Vignole, also known as Ravat 51, is a white hybrid grape made by J.F. Ravat and produced from a cross of two grapes, Seibel 8665 and Pinot de Corton. This off-dry wine is balanced, clean, and easy to drink. It has a sweet and flowery bouquet with a clean, crisp pineapple flavor balanced with agreeable acidity.



Developed by Herb Barrett in 1965 at the University of Illinois, Traminette is a cross of the French-American hybrid Joannas Seyve (23.416) and the German Vitis vinifera cultivar Gewürztraminer. Traminette produces excellent wines with strong spice and floral aromas, hints of lavender and honey, full structure, and long aftertaste.

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